Be one with music through our event

This year the 2019 Music Festival is bigger and better than ever before with our amazing line-ups of entertainers that will keep your heart pumping to the beat of the sound. Get ready for exiting new bands and songs from us. Don’t miss out on this once in a life time chance.  What are you waiting for, buy your tickets now; more information is listed below.


Be one with music through our event

Steve Larry

Lead Singer

Taylor Miler


Mavis Landau

Backup Guitarist

Gladys John


Jimmy Doe


Sheridan T. Lee



Placing Bets in Craps

The chances pass line bet is the best craps bet you can make, since it has the lowest edge of the room. Nevertheless, players can also wager at any point with a Place Bet on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. These numbers are sometimes referred to as “point numbers” or “box

6 Top Tips to Improve Your Website Security

Hackers have become so sophisticated nowadays that they are now using a multi- phase approach to get sensitive information. That is why website owners should always take into account their website’s security. This can be done by getting the best web hosting provider that is known for its security solutions, as well as using security

Thing To Keep in Mind in Selecting an Online Casino

When choosing the best online casino in Malaysia, many players, especially inexperienced ones, check the available games the respective casino has and if they are in accordance with their personal preferences, they instantly open a real-money account. While it is true that the available game categories and variations are among the things that you should