Be one with music through our event

This year the 2019 Music Festival is bigger and better than ever before with our amazing line-ups of entertainers that will keep your heart pumping to the beat of the sound. Get ready for exiting new bands and songs from us. Don’t miss out on this once in a life time chance.  What are you waiting for, buy your tickets now; more information is listed below.


Be one with music through our event

Steve Larry

Lead Singer

Taylor Miler


Mavis Landau

Backup Guitarist

Gladys John


Jimmy Doe


Sheridan T. Lee



What Couples Can Do to Fight ED

What Couples Can Do to Fight ED Converse with one another Consider what you need to state and afterward pick a decent second – over a glass of wine or on a walk. Discussion about how you feel and be prepared to tune in. Concentrate on how you need to move toward the issue together.

The ‘Broker’ Bet

The ‘Broker’ Bet The same as not falling to the 8:1 payout of the ‘Tie’ wager, you ought not let the commissions applied to the ‘Investor’ wager alarm you. Did you realize most gambling clubs apply a 5% commission to the Banker wager? I trust this won’t shock you yet – do you know why

5 Men Health Tips

There are so many things that men do that will bring them closer to death. You do not want to die early, right? Today, I am going to talk about some time-tested health tips to ensure that you’re going to live long (while being a badass). Tilt Your Rearview Mirror Up When we drive our