5 Common Sex Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

How’s your sex life so far? Is it going really well with the gambir sarawak? Is everything as exciting as ever? If so, then your sex life is probably that amazing. However, what if it doesn’t? What if you’re still thinking about ways you can certainly improve your sexual performance? Although, there are sex pills in Malaysia for men to improve their sexual performance Well, lucky you, my friend, below are some mistakes that you need to know and how you can avoid it.

Sex Only Starts in the Bedroom

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Although men would only require visual stimulation and they’re going to get a hard-on, women are usually not aroused by just visual stimulation. There has to be an additional kinkiness added in.

Showing your appreciation for your partner, kissing her, holding her hands, grazing your hands gently on her skin are just some things that you can do to elevate her mood and make her primed for sex.

Assuming that Your Partner Likes the Sex

Here is an interesting fact that not a lot of men know: women can fake orgasms. That’s right! Just when you assume that your partner loves the sex, they can instantly fake the orgasms so that you will think that they’re enjoying, but actually, are not.

There are plenty of reasons why women fake orgasms. It could be that they want to be euphemistic about your lack of ability to please them in bed or that they just want you to get things over with because they aren’t really enjoying it at all.

Just because your woman looks to be enjoying the sex, do not instantly assume. It is much better to ask them how they really feel afterward and then do things better the next time.

Sticking to a Routine

If there is anything that women do not want in a relationship, it is doing something routine. This is especially true when it comes to sex.

How she will feel will depend on her mood. There are times where her physical aspects (like nipples) would be more sensitive, so stimulating that area would be more beneficial for you and your partner.
Do not stick to a routine but instead, look at how she’s behaving.

Ignoring the Other Aspects of Foreplay

Women value foreplay so much that in a recent survey, only 18% of women (among the thousands of participants) were able to achieve real orgasm without foreplay.

So you see, gents? Never skip foreplay. On top of that, you do not focus only on the physical aspects of it, but you also want to focus on mental stimulation as well. Talk dirty, tell her how gorgeous she is, and so on will always yield a positive outcome.

Skipping the Seduction

If you are a man who’s just solely bent on thrusting your penis in her vagina, then you will always lose the war. Skipping the seduction is something that will always yield a negative outcome.

Know your partner well and see how she’s turned on. Does she get turned on by dirty talk or physical stimulation? Then do just that.