5 Labor Myths Debunkeds

1.The baby would come out after just a few pushes.

What you often see in movies are not true. While some moms may only push two times before the little one comes out, some push for up to 2 hours or longer. It’s important to conserve energy, and rest in between contractions.

2.Babies must be bathed immediately after birth.

Are you excited to buy baby bath accessories in Malaysia for your kid? A baby’s first bathing experience is always special. But, keep in mind that according to health care professionals, it is best not to bath the kid right after birth. What they recommend is to wait for at least 6 hours to 24 hours after birth, to give children their first bath. The vernix of your little one’s skin helps protect it from heat loss and infections.

3.Castor oil, spicy food, bumpy car rides and sex will bring on labor.

None of these things would induce labor. No pieces of evidence exist that can back everything up. You can go and have sexy time, but don’t do it to make your own uterus contract. Your baby will come once it is ready.

4.Labor begins with your water breaking.

This is not true. According to professionals, less than 15% of labors start with the water breaking. Many times, the health provider will break the water in order to augment the entire labor process.

If your water breaks, don’t expect it to be like a dramatic, flood-y moment like you see in the movies. It wouldn’t feel like a waterfall.

5.Twin babies may only be delivered through a caesarean section.

It’s true that twins are often delivered through a cesarean section. However, it is very much possible for twins to be delivered vaginally.