5 Men Health Tips

There are so many things that men do that will bring them closer to death. You do not want to die early, right? Today, I am going to talk about some time-tested health tips to ensure that you’re going to live long (while being a badass).

Tilt Your Rearview Mirror Up

When we drive our cars, most of us tend to have our rearview mirror in an orientation that doesn’t really bode well for our posture. That is why I encourage you to tilt your rearview mirror up just enough for you to maintain good posture and also save your back in the process.

Don’t Eat Out of the Original Container

This pertains to any food that is put inside its original container. The reason why you do not want to eat foods directly from its holder is due to your tendency to eat almost everything in it.

So, the best thing that you can do is to place them on a plate or a bowl or any other container instead. This will help you not gorge a lot of foods.

Don’t Believe Too Much on Your LDL Levels

Low-Density Lipoprotein is the “bad” type of cholesterol and should be of low value at all times. However, if you go to the doctor and have your screenings, do not believe entirely with the things that you see on the LDL corner since it doesn’t take into account the HDL or the “good” cholesterol.

So, which one should you believe then? Well, if you really want to know your cholesterol levels, just look at the ratio of the total HDL cholesterol in your body. There are men’s supplements that can help with these, so you might want to check that out.

Stop Your Snoring

If you snore a lot (and loud), you can put a golf ball to the back of your pajamas to force yourself to sleep either on the front or on your side. People who sleep on their backs tend to block their airways which would lead to snoring.

Drink Green Tea

If you are not drinking green tea, then you have to! Green tea has a lot of health benefits such as a decreased risk of prostate cancer, lowering your chances of getting heart disease, and many others.