5 Room Design Tricks Interior Designers Would Never Tell You for Free

1.Hang artworks at the right height.

Many people hang artworks at the wrong height. Place a frame, so its bottom part s only three to nine inches above the furniture. You can lower for huge pieces, and a bit higher for much smaller pieces.

2.Rearrange your bookshelves.

Organize 60% of books vertically, and then 40% horizontally on your shelves. This will create further balance, yet maintain spontaneity. You can also add house plants to soften the shelves. However, you need to avoid flowers which can appear distracting and cluttered.

3.Create space with the right mirror placement.

Mirrors can help you create the illusion of a much bigger space. Mount a decorative mirror opposite a window in order to bounce light. Do you want more tips in making your small rooms look even bigger? Look for an interior design and architect company in Malaysia that can assist you.

4.Measure the dining tables first, before finalizing your purchase.

Are you in the market for new dining tables? See to it that it is wider than 36 inches. This would allow more room to eat, even when the table’s center is filled with centerpieces and dishes. A round table would also fit well for those on a budget.

5.Follow a go-to color scheme.

When picking a color palette, assign 10% of the room an accent color, 30% a secondary color, and 60% a dominant color. If you have an awesome view outside, you can frame it by painting your interior window bits of dark color.