The Basics of Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce, or ecommerce, is a rapidly growing model of new merchandising and selling tools in which customers are able to participate in complete phases of a purchase decision. The processes must be implemented electronically, not in a physical store.

eCommerce processes enable customers to choose items to buy, access product details, buy things securely, and pay for them without any trouble. Do you want to improve your online business’ digital presence? If you are looking for quality ecommerce development services in Malaysia, make sure to hire seasoned professionals who can assist you in promoting your brand online.

eCommerce Under Various Perspectives

1.Online Perspective

eCommerce has the capability of selling and buying items and details on the digital landscape, as well as other online services.

2.Communications Perspective

eCommerce is the delivery of products and services, payments or other information over computer networks, telephone lines, or any other electronic means.

3.Business Process Perspective

eCommerce is the application of technology on online business transactions, automation and work flow.

4.Service Perspective

eCommerce is the tool that addresses the desire of customers, firms and management, in order to cut down service costs while enhancing the quality of goods, and improving service delivery speed.

The Scope of eCommerce

-Selling focused on gaining global customers
-Supply, pre-sales, subcontracts
-Insurance and Financing
-Commercial transactions, from ordering and payment to delivery
-Product maintenance and services
-Distributed co-operative working
-Co-operative product development
-The use of private and public services
-Logistics and Transport
-Public procurement
-Automatic trading of digital products
-Dispute resolution